Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Do you feel the heat?

First of alllllll --- Just a shout out ... to Shawn Spencer ...aka James Roday I love the show and if you havn't taken a saturday off to chill out and catch an episode you are tottally missing out.. Just alittle FYI.

OKAY I JUST SPENT 45 minutes trying to post this video on the blog but i apparently have such a level of retardation (yes i just went obama on you all) I can't use Youtube embed options. Oh well,


80's obsecure references are awesome and so is Psych, done!

------------------TUI PAPER WATCH

OK! on to Day 9 of the paper WATCH! I finally finished writting the finale 3-4 pages and i can no longer turn in papers. What a disappointment RIGHT?!

The session is offically closed on the website. So, i guess i'll just wait to hear back from my teacher. I feel like that was a wasted 2 hours. It shouldn't ruin my GPA that much. I had straight A's through the class and one unturned in paper shouldn't drop my average for the class that much. Hopefully anyways.

------------------------- Mariners Update

Mariners CREAMED the Indians with ol' Russ Launching one out of the stadium in left field... flippin awesome! See the box score here

With everything happening right now with the Mariners i'm alittle disappointed but at the same really excited.

Brandon Morrow is headed back to the bullpen which almost everyone in Seattle by now knows. I don't think this is a bad thing because Rowling-Smith (RRS) will just take his spot in the rotation and i think he's got a much higher ceiling as starter. I'm sure everyone would find that blasphame however Morrow has had problems keeping his Blood Sugar levels in check while pitching over the course of a game. Brandon has Type 1 diabetes which is very unstable. Here is some info on it if you want to do any research

Bottomline RRS is moving to the back of the rotation and Morrow is going to be the closer.

The only eventual problems i really see are the fact that we just signed Josh Fields and he's our BIG #1 PICK! so what do we do? I can just see that there is a trade in the works that kinda scares me....

It would be very interesting to see what will happen. However, a bullpen combo of Morrow/Fields would be awesome! I just don't see them spending that much money on the back end of the bull pen when the front line rotation is CRAP!

Possibly best 1-2 punch in the game...

1 - Hernandez - R
2 - Berdard - L

However the significant drop off at 3,4

3 - Silva - R
4 - Washburn - L

I don't see Washburn sticking around past August. Either he is traded or will be dropped onto waviers. I really like what we've seen out of Chris Jakubauskas early thus far. he's who i see stepping into Washburns rotation slot. However there is also Garret Olson who is avilable and so is Jason Vargas that both worked out in spring training, but i think Jakubauskas looked the best.

then the 5th spot,

5 - Ryan Rowling-Smith - L

Who is another left handed pitcher and yes that makes three in the rotation but he really is the best pitcher avilable and since stepping up last year he has shown that he has exactly what we need. He may never be an Ace but he could be a potential 3 - man in the rotation.

With Silva in year 2 of a 4 year contract i see him becoming the number 5 pitcher in this rotation next year. BUT! i don't think that is bad. He could very well fill in that position well. He just isn't worth the 48 million we are paying him.

One last thing ... Eric Bedard our number #2 is a Free Agent this year... i would love to see him stick around but if the Mariners Front office get the inkling that he is off to the highest bidder in November i think they will deal him come August to help streangth in our Farm system.

-------------------------------- North Vs. South

Just so you know there are people here that don't know this war was over.

Becareful while traveling below the Mason-Dixon line.


I've always felt like a cross between J.D. and Shawn Spencer. I think that's what i like the show as much as i do.

"Oh, you mean my pilot's license? That's out back in the Cessna. Or perhaps you're referring to my license to kill. Revoked. Trouble at the Kazakhstan border. I could give you the details but then I'd have to kill you, which I can't do because my license to kill has been revoked. "

-Shawn Spencer

"Nothing's worse than a ninja - they're masters of every style of combat. "


That last one is so true. I mean seriously ... THEY CAN KILL YOU ANYWAY THEY WANT... except for guns. Do ninja's use guns? That is something google will have to answer very shortly.

I must admit my blog name 'The Running Monolog' is a tribute to the constant monolog that runs in my head much like J.D. from Scrubs. I think thats the only way i've learned NOT to be so obnxious...



This is the part to where everyone in Altus/Montgomery starts crying thinking HE COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE?!?! yes, infact it could have been. But, on the other end of things you guys could have had alot more to laugh about. consider that!

But with this monolog i have to stop it sometimes because it randomly comes out and usually when i'm tired. Ask AJ sometime about the DUCKS! they attack people at random! lol! seriously ..


This must have been a family from the south ... that's all i can say ....

Monday, March 30, 2009


welll with another CRAZY heroes episode down it always wets my appitite for yet another show. I can't wait until next monday. I really loved doing the whole TV Show on DVD cuz you can just go threw episodes so fast and there isn't any waiting.

Oh well...

Looks like this going to come down to a Petrelli vs. Sylar show down...

which would be very exciting... Kind of waiting to see how Hiro's next task will play out.

"1961" i think will prove to answer alot of questions


Day 7 of being late on my paper... more news on that later


Mariners lost another close one ... see here for more

While the clouds has started to part over the winter ... i think this spring proved there are still some storms to wade through this summer before we get back to those LEGENDARY playoff contending years.


LOL@ My boy Bry as his cougar alum Tony Bennet is off to Virgina ... more news here

Sorry Pal ... that really sucks


More and more as i try to develop a focus for this blog i'm leaning towards going the Bill Simmons route..

ESPN writter

Sports w/ Pop culture references.

While he is a rather worldly man, i do enjoy reading his column's and his PODcasts that he has.

I will most likely make much more references to him in the future but for now .. understand where this ship is headed.


Chuck vs. The Broken Heart,

All i gotta say is i love my Chuck. I think the season could end with the CIA being exposed to the fam. that actually wouldn't be a bad thing IMO and could possible add a new avenue for storys. we'll just have to wait and see.




sorry no pink bear cougar this time around....

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Joy is eating...and watching old ladies blast skeet while dodging pink bear-cougars

Well today has been a blast--

We had the "Outdoor Challenge and Wild Game Dinner"

There was some skeet shooting and a Beebe gun contest you know all the cool things like that ... oh and then the best part there was eating... LOTS OF EATING :)

i like eating..

Some venison chili, different patties made from, well.... venison, then we had this dip it was made from venison .. and then some salad dressing from venison...

LOL j/k

but seriously .. how great would that be SALAD DRESSING venison! YUMYUM

They had rabbit, and a few different critters and meat. overall it was some good food.

They had some great deserets... AJ made this Oreo Pie and Butterfinger Crunch Pie. two seperate pies EQUALLY delicious!


In other notes for the day ... i'm now in Day 5 of being late in writting my paper... i gots to get doing that but i'm at writters block. i don't know how to get past it and finish it. It's the last paper of the class and i could really get through without doing it but ... i should really just finish it and submit it. it's better than not doing it at all. anyways........


Mariners lost today ... ugly ugly -- 16-9 to the angels


We watched twilight again while i did some background prep for preaching tomorrow at juvenile.

Doing a focus on salvation (of course) Romans 10...


I wish i took more pictures ... i got a great one for today.

PINK BEAR COUGAR.... SO BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm first

So i tottally threw down on here before AJ. I don't know.. this is really my own place and it's just for me to be myself and throw some funnythings down here that i think about that maybe you don't all think about... you want an example??? SURE! lets go there (last place you all really want to be is THERE with me)

So today .. i was tottally at the Commisary on base walking back from PT (cuz i temporarily don't have a car...minor detail let's not get caught up with this) Picked up a few groceries for lunch and i guess they have the scan your own purchases things that they have at most major stores now, for at the commisary. Cool, right? okay well here's the deal... i walked up to the machine and i guess who ever had used it last jacked it all up cuz the screen was all frozen. i tried to scan the pack of tuna and i got this short high pitched weird little noise that i couldn't make out. "UH!" in this horrible high pitch voice. it kinda sounded like something i had heard before....

so what did i do? What any sensible person that was trying to figure out where i had heard that noise from. I scanned the tuna again to create the noise. this time an unmistable "UHOH!" in again very high pitched like 14 year old boy yelling while being generated through a computer.

So i did it again.

and again

and again

until it clicked. THAT LITTLE "uhoh" quote was from worms. Some one used the the little animation noise from worms for the check out stand error noise. so this got me going in all sorts of directions in case somone has a horrible vision now of what i'm taking about let me show you.

Ahhh cute right??? OR MAYBE NOT!!!

These cute little worms are on a binge to kill eachother and conqure the world. Cute? Maybe, Killers? CERTAINLY! don't believe me check out this video below




Help remind people there are problems with their groceries!