Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't stop believin...


Just a quick note.. The Mariners had the day off and with it being as busy as it's been i think it's best i just keep it simple and concise.

I did want to say that the Bulls vs. Celtics has been an AMAZING series and i've been completely sadden by Portland's lack of effort .. they have just been sloppy in game 6... yeah .. i've regressed to watching NBA playoff basketball. Don't tell anyone .. it's like a hidden obsession with something bad. LOL! all of a sudden you feel ashamed, like you have a drinking problem. Whats worse? I try to keep telling myself the only reason i'm watching Portland is because of Roy and his Huskie roots. But, we all know that's a lie.. we also know that Derek Rose has an amazing ceiling and is almost like watching the return of Magic Johnson. I know ... i just went there. Oh Well... Stone me, Cut out my tounge ... tortute of a cruel and unusual type should probley be administered but rose is amazing. Pure and simple...

Heroes Season Finale,

Let me just say first and foremost i still havn't figured out how i feel about this.. eventually Nathan has to be written out of the show now. I don't even understand why they are going with this but i'm choosing to have faith. It's an interesting way to nerf sylar for the time being and i hope that it pays off with the viewers....

Greg Beeman, has been removed from the show. From what i understand a purely financial move but i just am sadden by it. He had such an AMAZING blog for the show he ran. I hope they still keep using the internet to permote the show like they have. I really don't understand the move by NBC.

I think a scenerio like what i wrote below must have gone down something like this....


NBC: Kill a main character off to save money or we have to can someone...

Heroes Writers: Okay


Heroes Writers: Here is the script. We havn't finished the last two pages. Get that to you the day of filming you know how it is... hush hush...

NBC: Oh of course. We understand.... *reading script* Wow so you deciding to kill Nathan. You've done it everyother season. Why not make it permenant huh?? Okay we give our approval

Heroes Writers: Oh yes we killed him off he's deffinitly dead.... *snicker*

---------The Day of shooting the last two pages arrive at NBC HQ

NBC: WHAT THE @!#$#@$#@@#%#%#@@%#%@#%#@%# we've been dupped... Nathan isn't really dead!!! They did it again!!!!! Fine, those stupid writters think they are so funny...

Heroes writters: **thinking to themselves** we're so funny ... we got NBC to think we actually killed off a main character... LOL they are SO stupid.

NBC: FIRE BEEMAN.... These clown's don't know who they are messing with... Has the NBA finales been rigged yet? I have to know the over/under...Call stern


Yes i just went there..... and the only way i have come up with that Greg Beeman got fired...

nothing else really makes a whole lot of sense.

And come on like the NBA FINALES ARE NOT a set up... Have YOU ACTUALLY WATCHED the reffing.. sometimes i slap myself for not turning the channel, there is no way that is by accident. But everything is right when I suddenly catch Derek Rose and just hate myself more for cheating on my NBA boycott....... It's like fat kid that hates himself so much, he just continues to eat cup cakes.... yeah .. again i went there..

okay it's late.. have a great night ... this was a fun blog post ..

oh and portland has really stunk up houston...i wonder if they maybe spawned this Swine flu... maybe they are infected... The WHO should tottally investigate the team.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Headfirst slide into cooperstown

Soo…. With all the announcements of MLB draft trying to gather enough steam to bring itself out of obscurity I thought I would do my part by trying to show you all the information that is available for the first round possible draftes…Now don’t get me wrong I generally don’t ever watch the NFL draft, and I would follow the NBA draft when … well… we still had our team…Those Oklahoma BANDITS!!!

Anyways … enough complaining aside, I think it’s great that fans become fimilar with the drafting of Major League Baseball clubs just like they are with the NBA and NFL. These are our players of the future and what we hope to build our franchise on, they should understand and know whats before them. Not to say they don’t understand everything going on right now but I think with the lack news coverage on it, those kids being drafted don’t really appreciate the emphasis that is being put on them. Just throwing out the thought … I could be completely off and I’m sure someone that stumbles across the blog would complete disagree and point out the years of drafting players and their development.

Here’s the top 15 for now…

---Steven Strasburg RHP San Diego State, 6’4 220
#1 pick in the draft … no brainer.. let not beat a dead horse.

------------------------ Dustin Ackley 1B/OF North Carolina, 6’1 184
I like Dustin Ackley… Let me say this again… I like Dustin Ackley… I want the Mariners to draft Dustin Ackley… I know the tommy john surgery is alittle scary but this guy can HIT … A LEFT HANDED BAT w/ Awesome bat speed yeah his power isn’t awesome and developed….YET!!!!!
But, he’s still 20 plenty of time to cultivate that power … let’s send ‘em to SAFECO!!

Scouting Reports

------------------------ Tyler Matzek LHP HS California

------------------------ Grant Green SS Southern California 6’3 180
A great athletic ball player that is able to
SS, Grant Green, USC, 6'3 190, R/R, solid glove and plus arm strength, hit well in the Cape and appears to have room to fill out further in pro ball. He's not a Troy Tulowitzki, but he's better all around, 10-15 type HR power with better speed on the way.

------------------------ Andrew Oliver LHP Oklahoma State
I’ve heard some great things about Oliver … there are some people that think he maybe the 2nd best pitcher in the draft behind Strasburg. But with all the legal issues surrounding him he may vary well drop and Alex White/Matthew Purke may take his place in the order.

LHP, Andrew Oliver, Oklahoma St, 6'3 215, strong armed lefty with a plus FB and very competitive nature.

The issues of Andrew Oliver in college with his “Advisors”

------------------------ Alex White RHP North Carolina
Ackley’s team mate Alex White who has been a hot prospect for the past year as a possible future #1 starter.

RHP, Alex White, UNC, 6'3 200, power arm and hard slurve with AA command, consistency has been his only drawback. Also talk whether he has enough stamina to go 6-7 innings per gm or best equipped as a set up or short man out of the pen. For me, you have to give him a shot at the rotation until he proves otherwise. 95 fb this fall!

------------------------ Matthew Purke LHP HS Texas

I kinda think Purke maybe the Aaron Crow of this years draft. A lot of talent but may decline a contract for college. I guess we’ll see…

LHP, Matt Purke, Klein HS Tx, 6'3 180, said to have put on a few more lbs to help with stamina and strength, smooth with electric arm and upside, fb moves well around in the zone and his breaking stuff will only get better with more exposure in pro ball.

------------------------ Donovan Tate OF HS Georgia
From the sounds of it he has the skills to be either a football player or a baseball player. This may drop his stock into the 10-30 range … but he has the tools to be a ball player

Kieth Law -Cartersville High School centerfielder Donovan Tate is the top prep position player in this draft, a superior athlete who projects to have plus tools in all five categories. The son of former NFL running back Lars Tate, Donovan is often compared to the Upton brothers, B.J. and Justin, who were the best high school position players in their respective drafts, but Tate doesn't have the same explosive talent or potential to speed to the majors as the Uptons did as high school seniors.
OF, Donovan Tate, Carterville HS GA, 6'3 205, R/R, very good athlete with excellent straight away running speed, strength in his upper body and quick hands as a hitter, he'll need to make adjustments with mechanics in pro ball and he needs to be more decisive, meaning, does he want to play professional baseball? Does he want to play football? Etc., he says the right things, but to me, he's not commital which would worry me if I was a scouting boss of a ML team. Other than that question, he's got the tools to be a very good professional baseball player.

------------------------ Kyle Gibson RHP Missouri

------------------------Aaron Crow RHP Missouri/Independent League
Crow was picked by the Nationals with the ninth pick last year, of course they couldn’t sign him (but it’s going to be different with Strasburg (*rolls eyes*)

------------------------Kentrail Davis OF Tennessee
OF, Kentrail Davis, Tenn, 5'9 1/2 195, L/L, solid bat, plus speed, near ave arm solid enough for any OF position and competes. He's made strides since his HS days in Alabama. Has lots of probs with breaking balls, but adapts, which is a key in getting to the next level.
Kentrail Davis, Tennessee
Davis, a left-handed hitter, is a terrific athlete who could have played college football at the Division I level. A draft-eligible sophomore, Davis (5-9, 200) has extra leverage, meaning he likely will be a difficult sign, particularly with Scott Boaras as his advisor. Davis features 6.6-second speed over 60 yards. His history of working summers pouring cement for his dad helped make him extremely strong for his size. He has plus raw power and above average bat speed, despite a swing that isn’t as smooth as it could be. Davis draws comparisons to Kirby Puckett. Davis, who has an average arm, last season went 13-44-.330 .435 .583. Davis batted .292 with runners in scoring position.

------------------------Shelby Miller RHP HS Texas,-rhp

Keith Law, Brownwood (Texas) High School right-hander Shelby Miller, No. 10 in my preseason rankings of draft-eligible players, made his first regular-season start of the year Thursday in front of a healthy crowd of scouts, including at least seven scouting directors. Miller showed excellent stuff with a good delivery but struggled with his command.
RHP, Shelby Miller, Brownwood HS, Tex, 6'3 195, I've only seen him on film, I will get to see him this spring though and I'll update then thereafter.

------------------------Jacob Turner RHP HS Georgia

------------------------ Jared Mitchell OF Louisiana State

Yet another two sport star … I must admit those type of players tend to worry me because you never know what they are going to end up choosing. He is suspected to declare for the 2010 NFL draft … that’s what I hear.. we’ll see.

Jared Mitchell, LSU
A 10th-round pick of the Twins out of high school, Mitchell (6-foot, 185) bats and throws left-handed. A wide receiver on the Tigers football team, Mitchell started five games last season and caught 13 passes for 143 yards. A tremendous athlete who moved from center to left last season, Mitchell has a flair for making highlight reel catches. He is the premier combination of speed and defense among draft-eligible outfielders. Mitchell hits to all fields and has a quick bat. Last season Mitchell went 6-29-.297 .363 .469 with 16 stolen bases in 18 attempts, although he is still learning the art of stealing a base. He scored 44 runs, had 10 doubles and one triple. His 49 strike outs in 175 at bats are a concern. Mitchell has 6.35-second speed over 60 yards, but a below average arm. Mitchell has raw power and adjusts fairly well but scouts question whether he has more aptitude for baseball or football.

------------------------Mike Minor LHP Vanderbilt

------------------------ Brett Jackson OF California

Brett Jackson, California
Jackson (6-2, 210) is a left-handed-hitting center fielder. Jackson has a strong arm and plus speed, with enough range to stick in center. He posted a line of 4-14-.238 last summer in the Cape Cod League. At Cal, he went 4-40-.307 with 12 stolen bases. Jackson has yet to turn potential into performance, but scouts drool at his ability and athleticism. He is raw on the base paths.

------------------------Mychal Givens RHP/SS HS Florida

Jason A. Churchill -High School pitchers are typically two-way players. On off days, they'll play in the field, many times shortstop or center field, and then head back to the mound. Plant (Tampa, Fla.) High School's Mychal Givens is no exception, playing shortstop when he isn't reaching the mid-90s with his fastball.
SS, Mychal Givens, Plant HS, Tampa, 6'0 180, R/R, Shawon Dunston type arm, solid glove, well abv ave running speed and 250-280 type hitter with enough power to make an impact offensively. On the bump he's still in need of polish, however you can't deny his arm strength and the flashes of fb up to 98 mph, mostly 93-95. Kiki Jones any one? 1989 LA Dodger former #1!

---------------------------------------------------------------More INFO

The scouting reports given below all links were pulled from this web page

---------------------------------------------------------------MOCK DRAFT BOARDS

---------------------------------------------------------------MLB ’09 Draft info

I gathered a lot of my info from the following sites. .. big props to their writers for doing the foot work and passing it on!!

I maybe doing some more research with the Mariners having 4 picks in the draft .. I’ll go over some of the different players that they may have a shot at …

Jason Churchill did something similar but it kind of left me wanting more…

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lets give 'em something to talk about.

So i have yet another top 5 of what people are not talking about ... take a look let me know what you think.

TOP 5 Things people are not talking about

~~~~~~1. The Pittsburgh Pirates are for realz?!?!?

11 - 8 (Second place in the central)


#1 Team ERA in MLB, Tied for most Quality starts in MLB w/ 12


#8 Team Hitting Avg, #12 in RBIs AND despite being #25 in Home runs they are #11 in Total Bases... Despite all the talk of pitching they are also doing this with timely hitting.


Point Diff +38, Team UZR of +9.7 (3rd in the majors) and only 9 team errors ... they are really an above average team that is better than people orignally thought....INCLUDING this guy...

While it's STILL VERY early, could this be the year that they break the 17 year streak? It's very possible if they keep playing good ball.

~~~~~~2.Is David Ortiz career on it's down ward turn???

0 Hrs / .237 / 20 Ks / swinging at 30% of pitches out of the zone, which is up 10% from last year... and has increasingly grown for the past five years.

~~~~~~3. Mike Cameron still playing like a super star...

5 Homers , 12 RBIs, 2 SBs, Hitting .328 with The second highest player value in the big leagues with a UZR of 3.5

This guy has to be consistantly the most UNDER RATED player in the bigs.

~~~~~4. Felix and Bedard are the best 1-2 combo in the majors...

Bedard 2-1 Era 2.08 WHIP 0.923 and 9th in Strike outs

Hernandez 3-0 3.12 WHIP 1.23 and 10th in Strike outs

I know Gil Meche and Grineke have been pitching really well..

~~~~~5. Frank Francisco is the best reliver in the game

0 Rs in 9 2/3 Innings

0.62 WHIP

5 of 5 SVs

Best WPA (1.33) of all relivers in Baseball

Omgosh.... i thought the rangers bullpen was bad?!?! i'm confused...

Michael Young .... THE post

Well... First and foremost i have been spending a fair amount of time taking alook at not just at his stats but the overall contributions to the teams.

Alot of people were thinking that Michael Young would be the next big move after *cough*bustmove*cough* Matt Holliday's trade to Oakland.

Michael Young has been a permenant fixture within the Rangers infield since 2001. In which they have finished - With his WPA/Cluth performance (The deffinitions of WPA & Clutch )

'01 - 73 W - 4th Place WPA -0.59 Clutch Performance -0.11
'02 - 72 W - 4th Place WPA -2.48 Clutch Performance -1.20
'03 - 71 W - 4th Place WPA -1.56 Clutch Performance -1.11
'04 - 89 W - 3rd Place WPA 2.25 Clutch Performance 1.24
'05 - 79 W - 3rd Place WPA 2.11 Clutch Performance -0.30
'06 - 80 W - 3rd Place WPA 2.36 Clutch Performance 1.72
'07 - 75 W - 4th Place WPA 2.29 Clutch Performance 1.47
'08 - 79 W - 2nd Place WPA -0.96 Clutch Performance 0.90

His stats have no influenced his teams productivity as far as a season long capacity goes. He maybe a third basemen but can he put up those numbers he put up three years ago? Probley not ... not to mention i see him as a defensive liability.

Yes he won a Gold Glove last year. But there are many arguments on weather he really deserved it. see here but as Dave Cameron put in the post above he has a steady UZR in the negative...

'08 -5.8
'07 -13.1
'06 -5.2
'05 -26.9
'04 -24.4

what is UZR? ... UZR (ultimate zone rating): The number of runs above or below average a fielder is in both range runs and error runs combined....see here for more info on defensive

Defensively he's gotten better over the years, but traditional once a player reaches the age of 30 they are set for an upcoming decline in their numbers. At the age of 32 i can't see him ever break even for the season in UZR. So at best he's a below average fielder....

With all that said he's only been an All-Star once, he has hit a +20 home runs but that was about 4 years ago... his hitting has been on a decline for the past three years.

Maybe at his prime of 2004 or 05 he would have been an league top 10 SS... but now at third i wouldn't even give him a top 30 spot.

Am i being too hard on him???? wait til i get to Jeter...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Michael Young vs. The Robots ....

I know it's been a few days...

i'm working on a few different posts such as ... Michael Young and how good is he as a third basemen.

Also, I am going to be reviewing the mariners game from on Thursday.

The Mariners are going for a sweep of the Angels today, However they just jumped ahead on an Howie Kendrick home run. It should be interesting to see how the game turns out. They've been hitting the ball really well the past few days.



Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm a believer...

King Felix pitches today.. So everythings gotta be good... however I will not be in attendance on

Have to prepare for the coaches vs. seniors game on Friday. That should be interesting and let me just say the day prior to the game I think we’re going to get beat pretty handedly. We’ll see how it works out.

But BACK TO THE M’s – A few things thing’s to watch today

1# With Felix on the mound and a dishearting game last night we need our ACE! Today’s game against that beefy Tampa line-up will come down to 2 things. 1# how well is Hernandez mixing up his pitches and 2# How he starts the game.

Felix is great pitcher, but the way he has performed it takes him a few inning to get settled in and with the injuries to both Sweeney and Branyan there isn’t a lot of offensive punch left with Griffey and Beltre slumping at the plate.

I have a feeling that this game comes down to how Felix pitches in the first two innings. If he’s giving up more 3 spots we may just find ourselves in trouble again.

2# Line-ups aren’t released but I’m with all this talk about struggling bats and Sweeney injured Balentine has got to finally step up become that consistent hitter in the majors we need him to be. I really keep thinking it’s going to come down to one at bat that changes everything. But that’s just wishful dreaming.

3# Again Sweeney won’t be playing today that should move Lopez to first and Ronny Cedeno out at second. It should be interesting to see how he plays defensively. Honestly I thought he wasn’t much of an upgrade just from last nights game. But, I am keeping an open mind about it and hoping he has a much better game today.

We go for the series win today! Lets stay positive about this….opinions and optimism seems to falter after a loss which is ridiculous. We gots to be excited about our first place Mariners!~!!!~!!~!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hey now your an All-Star

Well with the third week of the baseball season comes the start of all-star voting. Yes, even though it's been 15 games people can already vote for their favorite ball players. Even with the start of the season bringing new super stars and the start of a great and long careers, you will still see the same players going back for their 10th+ straight all-star apperence.

Let me say very first and straight forward i'm so tired of this......The NBA has the same thing happen. Tracy McGrady who's team is FAR superior without him than with him, gets voted every year just about to the NBA All-Star game. This is not a bash on him but he simply has no buisness being apart of it because the years performance dosn't compare to others at his position. But, because of past performances and his fan base he gets voted into the game.

The same thing happens with the MLB. So i thought prior to throwing out my immedate all-star picks i would put out who my picks are to (possibly) make it and shouldn't. We'll call it team tracy mcgrady...

My ANTI-All Star Team
C Ivan Rodriguez
1b Lance Berkman
2b Dustin Pedroia
3b Chipper Jones
SS Derek Jeter
of Matt Holliday
of Curtis Granderson
of Ichiro
dh David Ortiz
P Roy Oswalt

Don't get me wrong some of these guys are still good players.. but there are some way better players that deserve all-star nods this year over them. Notice i put both Ichiro on there. I'm not being bias and a homer, i know he dosn't deserve to be there and i'm just telling how it is..


More than a feeling...

So… While I should be writing my first essay of what is going to be an AWESOME (this is sarcasm) spring quarter at school. I would prefer to write in my blog. Some great pieces have been written in regards to the Mariners win and I think it’s important to address a few things.


Geoff Baker from the seattle times wrote this piece on are the M’s legit?

you might wanna add in .. 2 legit 2 quit….hahahahahahahahaha .. okay … but seriously..

Good read with interesting points. However, I disagree about the Florida Marlins. Josh Johnson will be the NL Cy Young. In fact I’ll be increasingly SURPRISED if they don’t make the play offs this year. Maybe the only team that will have more fans cheering for the visitors than the home team in the playoffs this year. It would be funny to see old Joe Robbie stadium looking empty for a afternoon play-off extravaganza.

Just because they swept the nationals twice doesn’t mean they are somebody to be passed over. They also took the braves for a ride and out dueled Johan Santana . Yes they haven’t looked very good but despite all the crap I talked about the pirates in the pre-season. They are off to quiet a start them selves. THAT should have made my top 5 and I personally apologize for it! Just because of that I’ll do another one this weekend.

Back to my point. The Marlins have a solid pitching staff with good young hitters and some decent defense. I would hesitate before I called them out to say they are smoke and mirrors at this point.


Jarrod Washburn, yes he has been badly bruised, kicked, spit on, and the effectual scape goat along with Kenji and Yuni for the past year and a half. I am incredible impressed with him so far. But like I said last night. I’m just waiting for him to leave a break ball over the heart of the plate to Carlos Pena. While yes he has gotten poor (and I say that knowing he lead the AL in the past 4 years with the lowest) run support. BUT! That doesn’t mean he’s turned a corner and rediscovered himself and turned into Brandon Webb. NOT AT ALL! He’s still a #3 starter. That’s pitching VERY well I might add, and even though Endy Chavez miss played that ball in the corner of the left field last night. He has gotten tremendous defensive support this year and it helps attribute to the 1.7 ERA he currently holds. Don’t forget that he is going to have a few games where he gets knocked around. The people that are calling for everyone to ‘stop the hate’ of Jarrod Washburn are the people that will be picking up the fruit and veggies and be the first to start throwing them as soon as he falters. There has to be an in between and even I have to admit he has made huge steps forward with the change-up giving him an out pitch. But, it doesn’t negate the fact he is a FLY BALL pitcher. This means he gives up more fly balls then ground balls. Which tends to lead to home runs in certain parks. But it’s also why we have Gutz, Endy and Ichiro. So they can track those balls down and keep runners from getting on base and getting more bases, which in turn of course prevents runs.

Dave Cameron wrote a great piece over at USSM


So I said on the blog there was certain things I would like to do every week on certain days. This being Wednesday is the day I do Game time for our Church childrens ministry. Those kids are the funniest kids ever and in the past three weeks I have gotten AMAZING little quotes from them. Which each week I’ll start putting up here…There are a few that well… remember these are children saying them and they don’t know any better and imagine perhaps your own children doing these things. It helps you not get offended quiet so easily.

So without further ado, I leave you with this quote from young Ethan while we were playing dodge ball.

Me: Okay Ethan, all you have to do is pick up the ball, throw it at someone else and hit them and you win. Understand?

Ethan: Yes, I understand.

*Ethan looks at his hands*

Ethan: if you throw ball bad, I’m going to cut all your fingers off…..

(not even joking he totally said that)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Washed away

I swear, I feel like everytime i watch Jarrod Washburn he is one pitch away from being the horrible pitcher he was last year... it makes my skin crawl... just fyi...

The quiet things that no one ever knows

Well, the life has been crazy of late. Just havn’t had time to write as much as I would have liked in the past week. BUT, I’ll try to play some catch up with some observations that I havn’t seen made and maybe some that have…

#1 Derek Holland was called up by Texas

This guy is is considered to be their #2 SP prospect and #46 in the entire MLB. This has to be a sign that the Rangers think he’s ready. I guess they just wanted him to get some work at OKC before coming on up. He’ll be in the bullpen to start off but I gotta think that if he shows any signs of being able to handle major league hitters he’ll be thrusted into the pitching rotation.

MLB article here

Holland, a lefty could very easily take Benson, Padilla or Matt Harrison’s spots should they continue to struggle. I think the aging Padilla or Benson is more likely. As Harrison 23, is still young and learning his way around the biggs. I would think that Benson is on his last leg at this point, while Padilla is a has been Benson at this point is a #1 pick. That has show signs but never fully panned into the pitcher he was thought he could become.

In 10 years Benson has only hit 200 IP twice. He has been injury prone and has been with 4 Other Major League Clubs in 3 years. I gotta think the Rangers can only allow this experiment go on for so long. Even after a slow start the Angels and Athletics have been brought down to a new low-level and the division is up for grabs. I would love to see Benson succeed but I just don’t see it happening with Holland now in the bull-pen

#2 Pedro Martinez STILL is unsigned

Are you kidding me?! Did anyone see this guy pitch. I know it’s 3 weeks into the season. But with teams taking interest in Ben Sheets, John Smoltz, and Chris Carpenter. How do you not take alittle interest in one of the best pitchers of the decade?! This is a shocker to me and it leaves me a bit curious as to who is going to be the one team falling all over themselves come time that division leaders start to pull away. MARK MY WORDS~ this will end up impacting a division race this year in a huge way.

#3 Kevin Millwood and Jarrod Washburn have 1.17 and 1.29 ERAs

I was looking at League Leaders and this stood out to me. Um… I really didn’t want to do another post on the Rangers again and I’ve been thinking about Washburn and with all the pressure there is to perform on him and then Hayden and I started talking about Millwood the other day it got me thinking these two are in a very similar boat right now. ON TOP of the fact their teams both needed them to earn their contract with economic times getting tight.

I just think this is amazing. I totally don’t think either one can keep this up. It’s the very definition of sell high. However the huge difference between the two pitchers is that Millwood was once an arguable #1 or 2 pitcher and Washburn has always been a #3 starter. But I guess the M’s could very well get a 200 inning season out of Washburn the same with the Rangers and Kevin Millwood.

Anyone else curious on the lines of each player getting Injured before their 10th Start or even which pitcher lasts the longest?? It would be an interesting bet for sure!

#4 Matt Holliday is hitting .267/.313/.400 (BA/OBP/SLG ) /w 0 Hr’s and 9 RBIs

Wow … so this is the guy that’s going to be the next 200 mil guy? Yeah right. I said he was going to flop moving to the AL and so far in TWO WEEKS I WAS RIGHT! LOL, okay maybe it’s a little too soon to call it a flop. He does have 9 RBI’s but .. I mean Compare him to Griffey right now, .206/.357/.382 /w 2 Hr’s his monstrous 2 RBIs. He also is has 13 more Abs and is well.. atleast 50 years younger. With that said I don’t see him having another +30 HR season. I know there was some issues last year that really prevented him from being his best and he’s only 29. BUT! I just don’t see this guy hitting 15+ homers in Oakland.

Check out holliday’s batting splits…

in 1378 ABs he has 84 HRs at home
in 1323 ABs he has 44 HRs on the road

that’s a huge decline! And something that people need to start looking at, a team is going to completely over pay for him after he declines and hits 23-27 homers this year.

Please don’t mistake this for a flaming I hate Matt Holliday post. I think this guy is a great hitter.

he has declining stats in more than just HRs on the road to include walks, hit and increased strikes outs. It maybe that Matt Holiday does not play as good on the road than during a home stand where he gets to sleep in his own bed. He’s not the first and not the last. But I do believe that his “home run power” comes from the majority of the parks he plays in.

time will only tell if come July he is sitting around 10-15 home runs and hitting around .280-90 that Coors field had a bigger impact on his hitting than people care to admit.

#5 The Dodgers, Blue Jays and Marlins are the first teams to 10 wins

Wow .. just an observation..Oh, and I totally called the Marlins before the season starts. Ask Hayden.


My most recent favorite headline…


cool place to watch home runs hit at Safeco field


Yet proof that I could go from the Air Force IT to working the MLB!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Golfing … I actually have been resisting this urge for awhile. But I kind of wouldn’t mind getting into the sport.

The wheels in my head have been turning since a guy at church asked me to go golfing with him. I had to shoot him down because it’s what I’ve been doing for the last 10 years. Trying to avoid golf. I used to go as a teen up to the little hack it place called village greens. A place where there wasn’t much of a difference between the rough and the green. I went a couple times with my friend Todd, my sports mentor Frank and of course bry drug me out a few different places.

Since I’ve grown up I’ve gone a few times with my father-in-law. Really it hasn’t been too bad. I just think that it comes down to the fact that half way into it I just want to be done with it. I’m ready to go home and pack it up. I don’t mind playing 9 holes. That’s not too bad, but I am terrible at it.

It’s been gently calling my name since the last time I went home and I had a few good strokes out playing with my father in-law. Then a moved down here and my friend DJ is a big golfer, a couple guys at church want me to play with, and it’s getting harder to avoid “it”. I even …. *sigh* looked up golf clubs on amazon today… I’m ashamed. Just kidding, but seriously. It’s some thoughts that have been there lately.

I talked about my car last night on the way home from work with AJ. I’m focusing on my car right now .. and I want to put the money earned in the desert in a good CD that doesn’t have any penalties for removing cash early. I plan on making that money available for when I want to get my car.

I talked to our school’s principle. Who happens to be a big car buff himself and he pointed me in the direction of a junk yard here locally that specializes in specifically ford mustangs. called the mustang corall.. we stopped by and took a look at it and i will have to detour away from it for awhile because it excites me beyond everything to think that i'm starting to really work towards my dream car. I know i'm only 25 but i don't want to put my dreams and experiences on hold until after i'm done and retired. I'm living my life now! not 25 years from now. sure not all experiences can happen now and there are some that will have to be put on hold. BUT, i can pick and choose what i'm going to take care of now.

This leads toooooooo

---------------------TOP 5 ... 5 YEARS TO TAKE CARE OF 5 GOALS

5. See an MLB All-Star event (game, Home run durby, futures game, or whatever)

4. Go to Afgan and come back safely

3.Finish my degree

2. Buy and start restoring a '64 Ford Mustang

1. Take my wife on a honeymoon

peace out....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nothing good comes from being up past 2 am...

Wow i'm going to be staying up late tonight ... it's 11 pm on a work night .. i'm up usually at around 6 am and out of the house by ATLEAST 6:30 ... but the mariners are on tonight .. and i REALLY would like to stay up and watch the rest of the game... they are leading 4-2 at the moment. We'll see how late i decide to stay up.

------------------Random Thoughts

I really like Heroes ....

I really pick on my boss...

The never ending story went on WAY too long...

Hayden asked me how many runners i threw out at second trying to steal. (when i played catcher) i don't remember...

no one in the south understands my love of "Jack in the box"...

i'm up too late...

Shawn Kelley is offically a stud...

I thought Jose Lopez hit a grand slam...

I have some named fanny steele in my building ... i laugh every time i see her... on the inside

Rob Johnson is the new Dan Wilson... i dare you to defy me!

I remember when mariner fans didn't have to be told to be noisy ... they shall learn again..


ICHIRO WITH A GRAND SLAM!!!! OMGOSH ... i just had a feeling when he walked up... MY OH MY...

i think i can go to bed feeling this game is safe and secure .. night night...

My car vs. yours

I know no blog update again yesterday. Am I slipping or what?

Well here was the day all together. I took off from work, to much chagrin of the some of the girls on the softball field. I don’t like to work on away game days and I have 30+ payed days of absence otherwise called “LEAVE” and I like to use them in onesy and twoseys .. that’s just how I roll, also the fact that AJ had the day off too kind of made me want to take the day off just to get more time with her.

The last few days have been so much fun. The weekend plus this we’ve just been having a blast. I don’t know maybe we just hadn’t had a lot of time together and I’m realizing how much I’ve missed it but … no one could ask for a better best friend or wife!

We watched some Hannah Montana (LOL! Oh yes I did.. We got Netflix on the Xbox now and so we can watch streaming DVD’s and the first three seasons of Hannah Montana were available and AJ watched like 3 episodes while eating breakfast and doing some cleaning up) Played a bit of Rock Band (I don’t know why we don’t do this more often together, we both really enjoy it) and then just cleaned and prepped for this weekend, as we invited some friends over after church this Sunday evening.

Game time comes and we get there, made sure everyone was there and took off by 2:00( I drove the it wasn’t a short bus) now as I was driving it was the hardest to drive vehicle EVER! Just extremely wabble and I kept thinking that something wasn’t right (evidently so was Bro. Steve our pastor and Head Coach) when someone passing us made a gesture … NO not that type of movement. That flat tire kind… we pulled over and yep it was dying and quick. (would explain the extremely scary flying into the other lane moments that I felt could happen at any moment) our goal was to get to NW of Birmingham by 3:30. Well.. with a flat tire this was going to be difficult. We found a local place to check it out and by the time we got rolling again it was nearing 4. We found on the way that we had to be off the field AT and NLT 5:30 … boy was this going to be a quicky…

Rolled up to the field about 5… the girls pilled out and got on the field and were ready to go.. they got warmed up and were ready to hit within 7-8 minutes. I was so proud!

Now offensively we had five strike outs… and two that were looking and one that was kind of embarrassing. But! And here is the huge gem. Our defense was fabulous and really fought hard to make good smart plays.

The game was called in the bottom of the 2nd inning. With us trailing 1-0. Which first of all wasn’t fair. They called one of runners (who scored from second on a base hit) out for interference, in which they neither touched the ball nor the fielder…that I don’t understand. But, you have to respect the decision and change the way you approach the game. The girls had great attitudes and for the first time I felt like I was dealing with girls that approached the game professionally.

I have a giant blog post/rant I need to make on this but for now .. this will do.


M’s improve to 6-2 … I didn’t get to watch the game since we got home late from Birmingham.. but it went 10 innings and was a marvelous finish…

----------------------Hayden Convo

We talked tonight ... about Rangers, Mariners, HoFers (hall of famers) and people with the number 42 retired... (yet to be determined) (92.7%) (98.2%)

oh and Tim wakefield no-no's anyone know how many times he's now flirted with a no hitter it's gotta be more than one..


Monday, April 13, 2009

YATA! (i did it)


It's been a weekend since i've posted and let's do some catch up.

Friday was a half day which was nice, We went to the game and of course there was that whole incident with Carlos.

Saturday was AWESOME, AJ and i just went to brunch at IHOP. IT WAS GREAT! not only did we eat a huge meal with too much eggs, pancakes (with carmal!!!) and of course coffee! We sat and talked for 2 hours, just about randomness. From Heroes and Baseball to our families and starting a family for ourselves. I really enjoyed it.

Sunday of course was Easter, and that was great too. i had a good time helping anna find her easter eggs and it was awesome to see Peter rabit have his face smashed/melted in.

Mariners are 5-2 and in first place. I hope that I havn't gotten my expectations too high already.
The real test being tommorrow as they take on the angels line up which with Bad Vlad, Bobby Abreu, and Torii Hunter. the most dangerous hitter they have faced so far is Matt Holliday and i must say i think he is over rated since he's done with coors. just my opnion.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Yeah, it was rainy

Hey hey hey,

i'm back from the rainy day game.. where we watched the Montgomery Biscuits play the West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx

As you can see above the game was rained out, we got through 3 1/2 but in the bottom of the 4th it got too bad and they called a rain delay. At that point it was as if God himself choose to put southern Alabama under water and opened up heaven. IT WAS RAINING HARD!

It was really awesome to be at a game again. I really enjoyed it and i would really like to get out there again. I might even think about going out there this next week after work. AJ and I really enjoyed ourselves :)

We got to see Adam Moore and Joshua Fields (#9 and #20 in the picture above)

I was over by the duggout hangingout (used very losely in this context) with Josh Fields and his dad. It was cool to over hear them talking about the game. He (dad fields) was sitting right next too me

Here is the bad news and YOU HEARD IT FIRST HERE!!!!

carlos triunfel hurt his right leg when slidding into the base...

He had to be carried off the field, This is terrible news being that he is the Mariners #1 prospect in the minors and is considered to have a very great possiblity of becoming a future all star.

We'll have to wait and see how this all turns out.

I had more that i wanted to write but this is about it. So i'm going to sleep. It was alot of fun to be at the game and i think i'm going to finish watching the Mariners game (who are up 5-4 in the 7th inning) then i'll head off to bed.


just something i wrote while at work

Blah blah blah,

I had quiet an exciting morning, After eating my breakfast and talking in our shop about last nights games I take a look at our workload and we got three orders, a quick folder build and a server not working

OH CRAP.. I had plans to leave by noon and I was really getting kinda mad.

BUT, God was (as always is) beyond good to me. I was able to quickly knock out all three of the orders. Figured out that the issue with the server was a DNS Routing issue and resolve it and I just have this folder to build…

I need to knock it out before I leave but it’s 11:45 and I still got a few minutes. Just jamming out to a few toons and taking a look at today’s games.

I am really spoiled I swear.


They get away with a two – nothing win last night. Great pitching from Jarrod Washburn I hear his Change-up looked fantastic. So I’m eager to see how he is in his next start. The 2-2 M’s take on the 2-1 Athletics tonight. RRS goes against the A’s youngster Anderson! Game time is 9 for me.. but it’s firday so I may stay up and watch the game.

I plan on going to the minor league game tonight with AJ Diamond Jaxx (M’s AA) vs. Montgomery Biscuits (Ray’s AA)

I guess Josh Fields pitched yesterday… walked four Struck out two.. I don’t know how many innings he pitched.


Our girls lost both of our double header games yesterday. I have a lot of thoughts on this so it may just be a whole other blog attempt. We’ll see I need to word things exact because I don’t want to hurt anyone feelings.

Nothing going this weekend. I think with easter everyone is just laying low

Weekend Plans
Go to Biscuits game tonight, Brunch w/ the wife tomorrow and Lunch at Josh/Sherri’s after church Sunday…

We may try to hit up fast and furious this weekend. It looks like it’s going to rain tonight so I don’t know if the game is going to work out … :P

Until later --

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I AM So exausted ... it's like penguins with rain coats.


Mariners leave minnesota 2-2. Alittle sad but still excited with how Brandon Morrow finished the game and how AMAZING Jarrod Washburn pitched.

***HOOHOO's i gotta have me some HOOHOO's***

anyways ... i just thought i'd throw a quick blog together before i go to bed... and off i go .. holy cow it's already 10:30...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Trip and goals for my life

Soo... i have been taking time to think about what i want to do in my life. Yeah sure, there are alot of spiritual goals and professional goals which i want to obtain. I one day want to have kids of my own, but really there are somethings i want to experience and do.

-- I wanted to go to Afgahnastan and i'm really excited about the upcoming oppertunity.

-- I want to be rebuild a 1964 Ford Mustang.

-- I want to Visit 10 different *stadiums
--- Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City, Mi
--- Wrigley Field, Chicago, Il
--- Yankee Stadium, New York, NY
--- Fenway Park, Boston, MA
--- The BOB, Pheonix, Az
--- Jacobs Field, Cleveland, Oh
--- The Ballpark in Arlington, Tx
--- Camden Yards, Baltimore, M
--- Dodger Stadium, LA, Ca
--- Coors field, Denver, Co

*already been to seattle Safeco...

-- I really want go and spend a week going threw different historical landmarks of our country in the North east (Boston, New York, ect..)

-- I want to take my wife on a real honeymoon

--I want to go on a Missions trip and give God more than just a few hours of time out of my life

--I want to be able to be an honorable man and serve as a spiritual deacon with my church

--I want to take my children across on a ferry and explain to them why that means so much to me

--I want to read more books, and not just stupid books but books of spiritual and intelectual significance....

-- I want to take more time in my daily life to read my bible and pray with my God to grow and have a heart like great men before me.

Some of these things are physical things of this world which will pass away and i understand that and some of these are great things that i may never truly achive but continue to strive for daily. But whats life without having something your trying to get too.

Maybe thats wrong, maybe it's not... Just somethings i've had for quiet awhile in my head. Poor AJ she's heard me mention almost all of these things four or five times before.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mariners game 2... and my game long monolog

So ... i'm watching the game tonight... nothing big going on... so i guess i'll do my own little bit on the game.

(i came in just in time to catch Aidrian's at bat)
Top of the 1st Beltre sac fly ... very nicely struck Ms up 1-0

------ Bottom 1 Gutz and Endy had a great chase down on that catch...they also did a great job of avoiding running into eachother

------- Top of 2 - Kenji ground out into a double play :(

------- Bottom of 2 - HOLY CRAP Bedard is on tonight. That curve is so tight he is just working for him. He is already in mid-season form

------- Top of 3 - speaking of mid-season form....Yuni swings at the second pitch high in the zone.. GG..

- End Chavez just for the record has like rockets strapped to his feet.. MAN IS HE FREAKING QUICK!!! he just got his second steal of the game and it was no contest.

- Gutz worked an amazing 12 pitch at bat but grounded out to the short stop.. oh well... Endy stays at second

- Beltre bloops a single in to left and he has his second RBI of the game... w000t 2-0 Mariners!

-------- Bottom of 3 -K ; Ground out (G/O); Fly Out (F/O)

--------- Top of 4 - Couple of quick outs Lopez/Johjima - Balentine just singled

Yuni singles and takes THEN takes second on a throw to third trying to get Balentine going from first to third. WHAT a heads-up play

Endy singles to center .. two runs in 4-0 M's ... OoooOO YEAH

---------Bottom of 4 -- Great defensive play for yuni backing up --

Chavez saves a run by tracking down a ball down the line and keeping a run from scoring during the double by Joe Crede

----AT THIS POINT Hayden called me, i missed the 5th inning and we talked for about 30 minutes about a bunch of various MLB things... the twins scored one run and then ... all i know is that bedard got tottally taken for a ride on that fast ball up in the zone. IT WAS A STRIKE .. thank you chuck meriweath. Next pitch was knocked into center field for a two run single. and then end of the inning we are still up 3-4 at the end of the inning but BLAH

TOP of 6th

nothing big so far but yuni has his second hit of the game.... so far he's having a nice quiet game... Just the way i like him.

Bentacourt stole second .. GOOD jump.. thats three now for the Mariners

Endy strikes out ... oh well..


Here comes corky from the bullpen ...


Bottom of 6

Just fyi they make the important comment bedard had 8 k's threw the game... very nice job.

Corky is like 1-2-3 presto ...

Lets see if we can get some of these runs back!

Top of 7 ---- 1-2-3 -- wow now this game is starting to take off


Bottom of 7 --- Corcoran seems to have problems with Morales ... OOoooOOO he got a good hit to the left field. but it was fould

STRIKE 3 nice pitch .. one out.

(FYI, i tottally love BIG BANG THEORY! .. it's funny)

Corcoran has thrown a ton of pitches so far ... i wonder how many he's at...

YUNI WITH A DAZZELING CATCH! watch espn tonight because that will be on web gems FOR sure.

then 1-2 and 3 pitches for a strike out .. w00t

he pitched to 6 batters and got 6 batters out ... very nicely done

----Top of 8

wow ... um.. branyan grounds out .. and Lopez strikes out and a horrible pitch.. he's looked lazy.

Kenji has hit a couple of balls pretty good but the same with the first one he flies out .. inning over.

---Bottom of 8

Here comes David Aardsma .. making his mariners debut

second pitch and he gets a fly out

he gets a strike out a strike out on a check swing

and a fly out to balentine ... 1.2.3.. inning ...

---Top of 9

(i may miss some things .. AJ just started 24 episode from last night.. i havn't seen it yet)

Luis Ayala comes... Just for the record any time i hear the name Ayala i can't help but think about Bobby.


Base hit by Wladimer Balentine gets on base.

yuni is at 0-2 .. he keeps fouling pitches off he kind of reminds me of Mark McLemore.

he goes down on strikes ... out 1 ... balentine still at first.

Endy lays down a bunt .. kind of in self defense... he got a bad jump but Balentine gets to second base.

BASE HIT GUTZ!! balentine scores 5-3 m's

another 2 out base hit that scores a run... SUPER job!

(uh oh jack is showing signs of really being sick .... 24 break lol)

Jr. Flys out ends the inning


HERE COMES BRANDON!!! 2009 DEBUT !!! Mr. BULLPEN .. he better be worth the move..



crap thats gotta be like 10 or even 11 strikes out for mariner pitchers today.

And Delmon Young flies out to Gutz


Brandon has a grizzly fast ball... *shudder*

,,,brandon issues a walk...

and he dosn't seem interested in pitching to Kubel... and he walked him

he just seems really uncomfertable throwing to left handed hitters.

AND THERE IS ANOTHER WALK ... bases loaded two down .. and omgosh .. are you kidding me... they are bringing in Miguel Batista .. this can't be smart ...


single up the middle GAME OVER .. we just freakin blew a two run lead.. oh crap..

what crappy way to end a great game ...

oh my heart was my chest and i knew it was going to happen... there ya go.. Game 2 and here are the mariners the rest of the country knew was there ...

and back to 24 .. where this guy just got thrown over a balcony... he is tottally dead... uh oh .. he you know what he reminds me of ... THE MARINERS! ...

i can't do this anymore tonight .. peace out.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mariners get their first..and angela is finally going to crack

Okay ... so a small little blog tonight .. it's late and mondays are increadably busy day.

But, with Griffey hitting his first homer of the year and felix pitching like an amazing stud equals out to win number one.

Mariners 4-1 over the Twins .. box

-------------FANTASY BASEBALL week 1 day 1

Matts 58 vs. me 93.5

-------------2009 MLB Draft

I just am curious right now as to how possible it is right now for the Nationals to use their number one pick on someone other than Stephen Strasburg, there is such a drop off of overall talent but with Strasburg asking for a 50 mil down payment i just don't know if they are willing to spend that type of cash on a player. This is an important issue because if they choose to draft someone else. the Mariners have the #2 draft pick, which in turn gives us a chance to draft him.

Pitchers out of HS/College are far from sure things, however the guy has been scouted and told he's possibly major league ready. a 97-102 mph fast ball with a solid curve.

The Nationals have decalred they are done talking about the subject until after the draft in May.

Here's hoping they continue the trend of screwing over their fans and choosing to go a "different route"


Tonight was awesome ... Great story lines .. a couple of twists i didn't see coming...

I love that angela is finally trying to restore the family. i hope it keeps.

with next volume tenatively named "Redemption" it already is showing some potential for certain characters. Noah and Saundra, Peter and Nathan, Janice and Matt, really looking forward to where they go from where they are.

I love the Scott Bakula... Chuck's twist with him being "Orion" was GREAT! tottally didn't see it coming and that's something i'm really good with is seeing huge plot twists.... NORMALLY..

--------------------------------END GAME

time to go to bed ...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

vs. the versus

So.... lets first get this straightened out..

I have a few things to post on today and i need to start with something. Alot of people have been asking about it so lets go ahead and do some 'splainin as ricky would say.

Lets do some review

Harrison Crow vs. began as way of portraying things i'm battling in my current life. Not just putting something up there like "Oh no, it's raining" more of Harrison Crow vs. the rainy day. it just put a different spin on it. instead of saying "i'm watching 24" i could say silly things like harrison crow vs. Larry Moss. Which for you 24 fans would know who the heck he is. and those who really wanted to know probley did a good search on larry moss and was like oh he's watching 24. either that or found something completely unrelated LOL.

the Vs. thing is just unique way to describe whats going on. I did notice after the fact thats how they name the different episodes of the tv show "Chuck" which i do watch but just never noticed until after i started. it really started with Kasandra and I joking about this guy(or girl we arn't sure) Dr Watts. Outside of the grocery store they had painted on the back of their car call me Dr. Watts. So we made lots of jokes over the course of the week about Dr. Watts. These jokes sparked the vs. series.

Anyways. thats the explanation so there you go. Moving on,


TODAY IS THE FIRST GAME OF THE BASEBALL SEASON!!! W000TTT!!!! i'm really excited. Derek lowe of the braves is pitching against Brett Myers and the phillies tonight at 830 est ....

------------------------FANTASY BASEBALL

This the segment in which i go over my current situation with my office in fantasy baseball...

AS OF TODAY-- i have the highest rated team. Of course we all know how things are subject to change and i must admit that i'm not completely prepared for my team to go unchanged for the rest of the season.

Here is my current line-up

C -Soto, Geovany C CHC
1b - Berkman, Lance 1B HOU
2b - Cano, Robinson 2B NYY
3b - Wright, David 3B NYM
SS - Tulowitzki, Troy SS COL
Braun, Ryan J. LF MIL
Bruce, Jay RF CIN
Wells, Vernon CF TOR

DH - Longoria, Evan 3B TB

Pitching Rotation
Cahill, Trevor SP OAK
Hernandez, Felix SP SEA
Liriano, Francisco SP MIN
Myers, Brett SP PHI
Nolasco, Ricky SP FLA

Relief pitchers--
Qualls, Chad RP ARI
Rodriguez, Francisco J. RP NYM

Helton, Todd 1B COL
Guzman, Cristian SS WAS
Jones, Adam CF BAL
Mora, Melvin 3B BAL
Greinke, Zack SP KC

Basically the game works like this, you take on one team the week. you tottal up all the stats of you players different things equating for different point totals and the team with the most points wins.

You must have 5 starting pitchers -- you must have 2 Relief pitchers -- then you must have one player that qualifies for the position you have him slotted. to qualify they need to have played at least 5 games a year in that position. of the course of the year players can switch positions. now you can have one person who acts as a "desginated hitter" or Utility player that is cleared to play any position.

this week i play my boss Matt Miller. right now i am the favorite to win but you never now how the season will go. it's important that i get a good jump on things because with me going to deploy i'm going to miss a week here and there and you never know whats going to happen during that time. Anyways... this is going to be my summer i keep up with Fantasy Baseball.

-------------------------Goonies never say die

So i watched the goonies while writting this post and i just lost everything that i had thought i was going to say. ... soo anyways... i guess this is it.. i'll post more later

Saturday, April 4, 2009

No one can destroy you like you can.

Okay, i had this post in my mind after talking with Hayden (my little brother) it started talking about our teams ( Texas and Seattle, i know talk about sibling rivalry right?) we went to talking about some of our players who just we're sad that won't see much of the play offs. This eventually lead to the amazing Pittsburgh pirates whom we both have a vested intrest in because our parents are from the pitt area. In fact i grew up being and still am a HUGE Steeler fan. the pirates have become the worst run organization in sports. clippers got nothing on these guys.

Here are the facts! Since 1992 the Pittsburgh pirates have not finished .500 or better. in 17 years they have been unable to win. Yes they did finish 2nd in the divison in 1997 and 3rd in 99. But they also were 2 and 3 games under .500 in those runs. Thats not close to any title.

Now, i understand that they have been running on a tight budget and that makes it extremely tough to compete. But come on, at what point do you say, if other teams can win without spending money why can't we?

But since the organization loss Barry Bonds after the '92 season. The team has walked to the perverbial corner and started pouting. They have refused to come out of that corner ever since. Despite having some great players on their teams during this time the best record they have scraped together is 79-83...

let's see ... over the past 17 years who have they had??

In the mid 90s they had the likes of Jay Bell, Jon Liber, Al Martin (when healthy), Denny Neagel, Kevin Young,Danny Darwin, Dan Mecili, Tony Womack, Tim Wakefield, Carlos Garcia, Jeff King, and of course Jason Kendell.

While these players were never really players that ever excelled in any capacity(except Jay Bell we all know he should have been a HOF'r lol) However, these players after traded or let go made some type of contributions to other teams and i know you can't build a winning team around players like Jay Bell but with All-Stars like Jason Kendell and then in 2000 they got some young pitching studs such as Kris Benson, Jason Schmidt, Mike Williams, Steve Sparks, Chris Peters.

in 2000 they could have had a rotation of Denny Neagel, Tim Wakefield, Jason Schmidt, Kris Benson and Chris Peters.

REALLY in 2000 that wasn't that bad. That means they would have had to given 4.7 mil to Denny Neagel for an ACE... yeah he wasn't great but in 2000 he went 15-9 ERA 4.52 and a WHIP of 1.39. um... i think thats acceptable. NOT GREAT! BUT something to work with. Tim Wakefield made between 450k and 4 mil between 95 and 2000 in which he compiled 71 wins and averaged a 1.41 WHIP during that time and finished 3rd in CY YOUNG voting in 95. TELL ME, that they couldn't have used him during that time.

NOW please don't miss understand this. I'm not saying if they would have kept Carlos Garcia or Jeff King the pirates would have been better off. In fact i think they should have shipped King off while he had some type of value instead of hoping he would turn into a repalcment Bobby Bonila and build up a good team.

During this time the pirates have drafted 19 players since '92 and while i understand that not nearly all the players your going to draft are going to turn into studs and lead your franchise into the a new era. BUT, the pirates have had 9 TOP 10 picks in 17 years. Wanna know how many turned into studs??? do you count Kris Benson? if you don't like me .. then you get ZERO!!!

****NOTE: this is only in the first round.

in 94' they missed out on Nomar, Jason Veritek, and Paul Konerko

'95 they missed out on Matt Morris and Roy Hallday (wow i didn't realize how long he's been around)

'96 was a huge down year for the draft but here goes a few names, Eric Chavez, Gil Meche and Jason Marquis. Would you draft any of them over Kris Benson? i don't know it's kind of a coin toss i'll tottally give them a bye on this one.

'97 Jon Garland, Lance Berkman, and Jack Cust.

'98 Brad Lidge, CC Sabathia, Matt Thorton, and Mark Prior.

'99 (hold on this one hurts) Barry Zito, Ben Sheets, Brett Myers, Jason Jennings, Alex Rios, and Brian Roberts.

'00 Aaron Heilman and Kelly Johnson

'01 Casey Kotchman, Aaron Heilman (again), Bobby Crosby, and David Wright

'02 (hold on again, this one hurts worse) BJ Upton, Zack Grienke, Prince Fielder, Jeff Francis, Joe Saunders, Kahlil Greene, Scott Kazmir, Nick Swisher, Cole Hamels, Denard Span, Jeff Francoeur, Matt Cain, Mark Teahen

'03 John Danks, Ian Stewert, Conor Jackson, Chad Cordero, Brandon Wood, Chad Billingsley, Carlos Quentin, Adam Jones and Jarrod Saltalamacchia

***(at this point you can probley say some of these guys can still turn out to be busts and others can still have potential)***

'04 Jered Weaver, Billy Butler, Stephan Drew, Josh Fields, Phillip Hughes, Houston Street

'05 Jay Bruce, Jacob Ellsbury, Matt Garza

'06 Brandon Morrow, Tim Lincecum, Ian Kennedy, Joba Chamberlin

'07 Matt Wieters and Phillippe Aumont

Just pathetic, i can't believe they could miss this many people. Now there are still alot of players that cannot be accounted for and maybe the pirates picks can still turn out. but for now we'll just assume that they are completely failure picks.

I just don't understand as an organization you can produce 17 years of flops and not refill your farm system during that time. Yes over the last few years they had Jason Bay, Xavier Nady, Jack Wilson, Ryan Doumit, Alexis Rameriz, Andy LaRoche, Matt Capps, Nate McClouth, Ian Snell. These guys are all ligitmate All-Stars but they have all been broken, un-encouraged or traded away for lesser prospects or players and then signed half way hacks as replacement players.

I DONT UNDERSTAND THIS... it's like Bill Bavasi was running TWO organizations at one time. Only he seemingly has run them for 17 years. I can't imagine they will be in any hunt for a Wild Card or Divison Title ANY TIME in the near future.....

this has gone on too long but .. ugh... be prepared for more later

Friday, April 3, 2009

Things your uncle may have taught you... and more

So i spent alittle bit of time teaching my niece how to say and pronounce words. we started with saying the F-word....












FUSSY ... her additude to her aunty .. LOL!


yeah.. those are the important ones we stressed...

LOL! We had fun...played alittle of hid and go seek. It's funny to see how much she grown and understand things. Right now affectionaitly calls me UNCA ... or just yells rawr.. it's usually directed at

we did get her saying "Dude" or her own version of it... she likes dancing to the limur part of Madagascar.. it's awesome..


We had our second game of the year, first in a month because of rain outs. we ended up winning 21-9 in 5 innings due to us placing a mercy rule on them ... kind of a football score, but thats alright. There was 16 of 30 total points scored in the first inning. Which is kind of sad, but it's largely due to the fact that the Umpire had a VERY small strike zone. he didn't really start to open it up until the second inning and the game started picking up quickly after that. We had some great hits and our girls also took huge advantage of their lazy play.

Merideth and Bethany pitched today and i was really pleased with both of their outtings.

Merideth only went one inning and even with her giving up 8 runs, i think that the umpire really frustrated her. She does a GREAT job at hitting the corners and the blue just wasn't giving it to her, which in turn lead to frustration. She has alot of problems with her release points. She holds on to the ball way too long thus making the ball travel out of the strike zone and end up either too high or throwing it too low. She needs to work more on snapping the ball when she is coming down with the ball. she would have much more acurecy and she wouldn't get flustered as much.

Bethany had a huge advantage because the umpire open up his strike zone and made the girls swing more often. She also threw more pitches over the heart of the plate, and let our defense really get to work. She got alot of swinging strikes and that may have been due to the fact they weren't used to her (slower) speed. If bethany can pick up her speed i deffinitly see her becoming our number 1 pitcher next year.

As far as defense goes there was a couple of bad plays in the first two innings but really after we shook the rust off we got to work. Savannah got a couple of ground outs and Taylor got one too. I was very impressed with Laura playing first base and the way she stayed with the bag and stretched to grab the throws that weren't as accurate. I was very excited to see Sarah catch the fly ball in left field. GREAT SNAB! it may just be a routine play but it's the routine plays that really make the difference in a game. Merideth threw out i think 2 maybe 3 runners trying to steal. THAT is awesome and it gives further emphasis that she should stay behind the plate and allow others to pitch. I told Bro Steve (Our pastor and the head coach of the team) the way she handles the pitches really made a difference with the umpire and the way he called pitches. I love Laura and her additude but the way Merideth caught the ball and "framed" the pitch put emphasis on the location and i think changed the opnion on a few balls that the batters kept "diving" out of the way.

All the girls showed great potential. The other team's pitcher threw not really hard but pretty good and i was happy to see some of the girls catch up to those pitches such as Lydia, Sarah, Young-Joo, they all need to work on their hitting. however, i was really impressed that they got pieces of the pitches. Molly got a GREAT bunt down with two strikes. which just tottally threw me off.

we have another game on monday. i should really grab a note book to take notes on and work with our team.

Being the out field coach i really need to start working harder on A) juding fly balls and B) staying involved in every play. While i've tried to work on them about this already i need to start go about this in a new way. because obviously there are some things we need to work on.


of course everyone knows about Ichiro and the bleeding ulcur .. that stinks ... i'm not of the sinking boat majority that's going on right now. although i'm not really keen on Griffey playing RF.. but we'll see whats going on.



BUT! Spring training is over .. so that means Monday is the start of the season. i'm so looking forward to it. it's going to be a really interesting season and the way i'm going to follow it will be a new experience.

DOUBLE BY BELTRE .. that was a rocket

3-5 rockies over the mariners right now ...

-----------------FANTASY BASEBALL

with the start of the season brings the start of fantasy baseball season. expect me to go over this on sundays rather in depth.


SUNDAY -- Fantasy Baseball blog

MONDAY -- nothing as of yet

TUESDAY -- nothing as of yet

WEDNESDAY -- Kids say the darnedest things... (inspired by Anna Dickson)

THURSDAY -- nothing as of yet

FRIDAY -- Movie DAY!

SATURDAY -- nothing as of yet

DAILY -- Daily i'll go over softball, the mariners, some randomness.. and i think AJ has some thoughts on Derek Jeter she wishes to share along with some funny quotes.

i'm going to be trying to come up with something daily to write. hopefully it will keep you all in touch with me while i'm gone. i'll still be writting while i'm gone i'll just send them to AJ and have her make the updates for me.

-------------Movie DAY!

There are two big movies coming out this week and maybe i'm over stating big..

But first of all there is Adventureland .. which is an independent style comedy.. almost looks like a black-comedy or rather dark comedy .. whichever you perfer.. it's being headlined by Ryan Reyenolds, Jesse Eisnberg and then of course the ever popular Kirsten Stewart from the twilight series. (will her name ever be synomous with anything else??) btw i used to lump Ms.Stewart in with the likes of Jena Malone (whom i think needs to change the movies she chooses to do..she's kind of a flusey) but i've started to change the opnion as she seems less and less like the typical movie star and just someone that enjoys acting in movies. i guess we'll see. Enough of her .. i really like Eisnberg and i love Ryan Reyenolds.. i have a man crush on Mr.Reyenolds... He is officially too cool for school. I probley won't see this movie because it looks very crude but hey if you like indie style-comedies and have low morales.... you probley don't read this blog.

then the BIG one the fourth and latest of the "Fast and the Furious" enstallments reuniting the orignal cast of the first one. Which is really the only way they could do another one. it's great to see Vin Diesel back in the big car/big action movies. I would really like to see this in the theater. In fact we have no plans so i just may surprise AJ and take her tommorrow. Good idea Harrison

and then the limited release of "Gigantic" staring Zooey Deschanel and Jon Goodman. I can't believe Jon Goodman is still alive i keep waiting for that guy to have a heartattack, a man of his size can't be healthy ... this movie is an indy and i don't know much about this.


I know this was really big post .. sorry for those who actually read it... have a fun Saturday

Thursday, April 2, 2009


So get this … I’m totally putting a patent down on the greatest burn line ever… the verbal shot gun.

The ability to kill all and any conversations. You know those people the ones that come into the conversation having no real interests or in it but want attention and interject a line of dialog that absolutely turns everyone around into a drooling zombie. YES, they no longer have control of their mind or muscle reflects. All of a sudden you are dead to the world and you are thinking ARE YOU SERIOUS!?! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!?! You sir, need to shut the pie hole and turn around and leave, Gravitate towards a white dwarf and leave us alone. But no .. any type of sarcasm or reflection at this point on what had just happen is over. All you can do is go back to work, leave or fall lifelessly to the floor. It’s what happens when you are hit with a verbal shot gun. It just sprays everyone in the convo and you all are dead. All I can say is beware of such an individual because they could be anywhere. Should it happen or about to happen all you can do is shoot back with PUT THE VERBAL SHOT GUN DOWN!

Zombies are bad and we need less in the world. That’s a fact and if you don’t believe me go to wal-mart……..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Peter and I, we know whats up

Well it’s another day another dollar. THE AMERICAN DREAM! --- yeah I’m not really going on about the American dream… and … where it exactly is these days…

No, I’m on lunch break and I’m writing my latest blog post simple because I’m putting off dealing with this SMTP server error. I think it has something to do with the Exchange mail servers but since I’m just a peon anymore I don’t have access to look at the server which strangely enough makes me relate to how peter petreli went from being able to wield and pull powers to being powerless. Ugh! I have an inclination that since I’ll be with the army with this upcoming deployment I’m going to be a CSA. Which is yet again an awesome example that I’m the IT version of Peter. Having my powers re-instated however only being able to do it at a much lower level. YATA!

(SIDENOTE: it turns out not a permission error with the server and after the section with the mariners i finished it at home, so no, i didn't write a 2 hour blog on my lunch hour.)

Well I had a couple people point out a few things in last night blog that I wanted to specify so no one got confused. Unlike a lot of the people I read who write specifically to sports readers. I write to my friends and people who are just randomly passing through.

I wrote about the Mariners upcoming rotation and I have some numbers and then place either an ‘L’ or an ‘R’ next to their name. First the number specifies which order they pitch. In Major League Baseball (MLB) you have a rotation of 5 different pitchers. 1 is our number one pitcher, his job is to be the best pitcher on the staff and the start pitcher and he should give us the most quality starts (6 complete innings of work with no more than 3 earned runs given up during that time by definition ) Your number 2 guy is going be your second best pitcher but this can change depending on if your 2 and 3 guys are close together as you may want to have a Right handed pitcher start then go with a Left hander the next game followed by a number 3 guy that is right handed. There is some stratagey on how you want to set up your rotation after your best pitcher. There is some school of thought that you don’t want to start 2 left handed pitchers in session. As it could nullify their effectiveness.

Here are a few sites and information should you care to find out more information.

I also made a statement that looking back I’d like to correct. I said that I don’t believe that Jarrod Washburn or Erik Bedard will be around come august. Which is a complete possibility, However it was pointed out by Dave Cameron over at USS Mariners that it is in fact cheaper and more productive based on past trading dealine deals to wait for the season to end and prior to leaving for Free Agency you have an opportunity to offer what is called Arbitration

Basically if they don’t accept the arbitration pay they can become a free-agent and in exchange we get draft picks from the team that picks him up. Those draft pick have proven to yield higher potential percentage wise then the level of prospects exchange. Not to say there hasn’t been a few guys that haven’t become studs afterwards just it’s been few and far between.

now i don't know if it's better to trade him (bedard) or not but that is the claim. i don't honestly think they will find takers for Jarrod Washburn. But hey you never know. Obama did get elected.

I hope this helps clear things up….


My NCAA basketball bracket is currently looking like 80% the rest of America. Swiss freakin cheese. But I could end up as high as second if UNC breaks out some moves and Ty Lawson continues to drop tears on to Villa and whoever comes from west, either UCON or MSU. FYI, I will be rooting for UNC to finish what they started.


NBA, it’s that time of year that the play offs are approaching. To were the intensity seeps out of your TV as you see everyone standing in the building. You sit on the edge of you seat, waiting to see how the play turns out. Are they going to try and swing it around for an open shot or are they going to give it to the man and have someone cut to the bucket? Yeah well, unless you had your heart ripped out 9 months ago and stopped caring about the NBA in general. I think it’s great that there is a 3-canidate MVP run right now. But seriously, I am an NBA orphan. Where can I go? Why should I care about a sport that didn’t care about it’s fans? It’s so far from being balanced it’s ridiculous. I just want my Sonics back. I want to see Kevin Durant dunk and become excited that this could be the start of a new western dynasty but, no. They ripped them from us. *sigh*


I’m trying to decide exactly what I’m going to do for my vacation prior to deployment. I want to go visit my Grandpa and Grandma in Arkansas prior to leaving. It’s not really what I’m going to do, but how and when. Half of May will be dedicated towards Training and I assume that June will be that way too. I guess after all the training in May, I could make a break for it and squeeze it in.

I am really looking forward to Feburary next year. I’ll be coming home to visit everyone after my long trip and then in Late March I’m going to ol’ UGs (UG = Uncle Greg) house for a week or so of spring training. Too bad I won’t be here for the August Tampa Bay game vs. Griffey and the Mariners. I was looking forward to seeing him one last time before he retires.


We got an upcoming game Friday. I’m really looking forward too it. It’ll be just our second game but that doesn’t mean our girls aren’t ready. A lot of really great strong hits Monday in practice. Yesterday got rained out with the storm that just passed through.


I need a good day of sun shine to dry our the grass so I can mow it. it’s been just a week and a half and it’s already too long

------------------------Upcoming movies

Any good movies out???


I need to go mow the lawn.... Crap... :(