Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reverse This Curse

So, after making breaking my record of most blogs in a month i seem to have all but disappeared from the blogsphere. No choice of my own as this is perhapes one of my favorite past times. However, with all the turn over at work it has left me extremely worn out and not alot of time to make entries.

Here are a few bullet points on whats going on around here.

  • I was going to make a blog post yesterday about what to look at the rest of the season but there have been so many i'm kind not wanting to join the masses... just feels redundent

  • Russell Branyan has actually been pretty average defensively which is a shocker... 0.2 RAR and 0.0 UZR...

  • The Mariners won two games in a row and actually made a dent in the deficent towards first place...until they lost today... oh well.. -9 games back...only 6.5 back from the WC not that it matters.

  • Erik Bedard should be let go. He is better off going to another team. Too many expectations and with the injuries there is no point paying him to be on the DL when we have other holes on this team that need to be addressed

  • Awesome link about DH's and the HoF

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