Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Medicines

Okay ... Here is the deal. First off im gonna talk about the trade and then ill talk about the game today.

First and foremost... lets all agree.. with the brewers doing a faceplant (aka pulling a seattle mariner) against the Washington Nationals they are looking to have a worse shot than we do at the post season...

Okay maybe thats a bit drastic but regardless, they won't be making a move for Jarrod Washburn. Period end of story and if you think otherwise ... well.. then we think differently.

I was really feeling just a solid yuck from the trade today, for a number of reasons. I really liked all those prospects that we gave up. Ive mentioned my infatiation with Adcock a few times, and while he had been moved to the bullpen due to his lack of control. He still had alot of potential.

Brett Lorin i reallly loved and while i still have to keep looking up how to spell "Pribanic" i was actually checking up on his starts in the minors .. which i only do with a few people. i thought he had been pitching pretty well this year...

and then ol' Jeff Clement. Im sorry to see him go in the sense i think he has a future has a professional hitter. i think he'll need to get to the AL and quick. The Mariners did allow in any way Clement being traded to come back to haunt them, the only thing is they really hurt his overall chance to land with a team. i honestly dont know the pittsburgh situation in the minor league system. they seem to content to use him as a Catcher. I think thats a huge mistake and they should be trying to quickly acclimate him to first base. I did notice that ESPN had him placed a first basemen.

Ultimately though, i started thinking, Ian Snell is 27. under contract for potentially the next 3 years and resonable priced. I was reviewing the potential off-season starting pitching free agent market. Its not very impressive, and became suddenly aware sometime around 35 minutes in that Jack was going to be making a move either now or in the off season for a starting pitcher.

Im all in favor of the aquisition for Snell, good move. However, i felt we may have over paid. Then i started reading what some of the fans said and i took in to account what Jack Z said and you know. Three SINGLE A prospects. who knows whats going to happen to them. they won't be close to the majors for another 2 years AT LEAST. who knows whats going to happen.

Plus someone who fits the bill now for short stop. Someone who's excited for play for a post season. I think Wilson is a good character guy also for this team who will lose both Sweeny and Griffey next year. I think he should fit in and take to the mold quickly.

This trade is starting to look better to me ...

---------THE GAME TONIGHT-----------

okay, because this post is turning into a monster ill write something up after the game tommorrow night. Regardless just know i tottally approve and the last two nights was what i have been expecting from my Mariners...

p.s. i love Michael Saunders...

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