Friday, July 31, 2009

You Shook Me All Night Long

So, there are comparisons to be made and some things to be discussed with Luke French and Jarrod Washburn but also between Mauricio Robles and the three prospects given up just two days ago.

First off Luke French seems like we didnt get much for Washburn initially until you starting looking at French and then realize holy crap we got a 23 year old, 6 year controlled, (cheap) version of Washburn.

What most people have forgotten was that Washburn isn't a number one or two. He's a 3 or 4, that pitches to contact. He is having a great year, but thats also due to the fact of the outstanding defense behind him. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, we have all heard this argument before. Either your with it or you think the dolphin is magnificant.

But French while they are calling him an extreme fly ball pitcher does worry me a bit with his high LD%, his GB/FB averages through the past two years have been pretty average. He pitches to contact just like Washburn and he depends upon the guys around him. JUST LIKE WASHBURN. However with Adair i think he can be turned into the same type of succesful pitcher Washburn has been this year, and be a solid starter for us.

Robles, has been compared by Jay Yenchic to Mikael Cleto, who we got from the Mets organization with the JJ Putz deal. Lots of strike outs ... um.. but lots of walks. He is still trying to gain his command and needs to work on a third pitch to get him to stay in the starting rotation.

Jay also respond to my question of comparision by saying
"Definitely better than Adcock as it stands, and could be better than the other two as well. He's a higher risk arm than all of the above, but the potential payoff is enormous and he's shown signs of recent development/improvement. Getting French was nice, but Robles could be a real steal."

Also a really good link by "SeaTown81" in the USS Mariner forums...

Stand by ... Shannon Dryer thinks this may not be the last move of the day for the M's ... and im inclined to agree with her.

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