Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rock - N - Rule

Jack wilson was someone i felt should be a last scenario type option. I felt even at 31 he was too old for what we were doing here. not to mention that he has been injury prone. I thought the point was to get younger and more athletic. But in fairness Jack Wilson has consistantly been solid on defense.

Wilsons UZR for the past three years comes out to -0.1 , 9.7, 12.5 ... much better than yuni's -10.6 , -12.6, and -1.1 ... thats a really big difference! you thought you saw a difference with Ronny Cedeno playing over Yuniesky. Wait til JackW comes to town.(BTW what is the deal with all these guys named "Jack" coming to town.. should i be worried)

Yuni did have a wOBA* of .285, .316, .323 the past three seasons

Jack's looks like this .300, .293, and .335 ... while he is starting to show a bit more with the bat ...

Jack and Yuni share the same lets swing alot at pitches additude 51.4/51.5 (the percentage of pitches the batter swings at) ... league average is currently 45.9

Wilson walks just a bit more than Yuni with a 5.3/3.7 ... while hte league average is still about 4 points higher.

He shows a bit more discipline then Yuni, and may just fit into that two hole that Don Wak wanted for Bentacourt this past spring, but couldn't maintain due to his horrible pitch selection. Maybe Jack can fit that bill?

If so it would push Russ and Gutz down to the 4/5 slots and put griffey or lopez at the 6/3 spots. it really has the potential to help our line up out alot more than most people think.

Just because Jack Wilson isn't Jason Donald, Reid Bragnic, JJ Hardy or Escobar don't give up on him. He will bring some real value to the team. more than you just might think

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