Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Pirates Get:

SS Ronny Cedeno
1B/C Jeff Clement
RHSP Nathan
RHSP Aaron Pribanic
RHSP Brett Lorin

Mariners Get:

SS Jack Wilson
RHSP Ian Snell

The Mariners gave up three of
their top five or six starting pitching prospects in exchange for a defensive
shortstop and a volatile starter. I’ll need to mull this over. I’m not sure this
is the type of ‘buy’ the Mariners needed right now.

At first glance, the
Pirates got an awesome haul for Wilson and Snell. Snell is going to be the key
for the Mariners. If the team can get him pitching up to his potential at the
big league level then it should be worth it.

I’ll have a more complete
reaction as well as brief scouting reports on those we lost a little later.

From Jon Shields at Proball NW...

Basic summary: I think we overpaid, unless it comes that out the Pirates are
picking up half of Wilson’s 2010 salary or something. I liked Snell as a good
buy-low candidate, but I’m not sure this is buying low. We gave up a lot for two
guys with a lot of question marks.

-Dave Cameron, USS Mariners

these guys both nailed my reaction...

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